FutureThink Introduces 30-Day Skill Activation Challenges

NEW YORK, NY, November 11, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The trend toward “less is more” has become a key goal for learning and development (L&D) programs, according to LinkedIn Learning’s latest workplace report. In response to this market need, accelerated-learning firm FutureThink will launch a series of 30-Day Skill Activation Challenges on Nov. 1.

“Today’s learning experiences must enable new skills, behaviors, and mindsets with minimal time investment,” said Lisa Bodell, CEO of FutureThink and best-selling author of Why Simple Wins. “Our eight upskilling challenges include proven retention methods, like daily memory boosters and reflection exercises—all from the comfort of your favorite Wi-Fi network.”

Each of the eight challenges is rooted in the most requested power skills on LinkedIn Learning and FutureThink’s Learning Library platform. Leaders who need to increase the number of innovative ideas coming out of their org should choose the Ignite Innovation challenge. For business units that need a fresh perspective on existing I.P., take the Reinvent + Reimagine challenge. If “status quo” best sums up your company culture, activate the Spark Curiosity challenge. Or strengthen employees’ ability to instantly pivot by accepting the challenge to Build Daily Agility + Resilience.

Want to equip teams with pro tips for taking control of their inboxes? Take the Simplify Emails challenge. If meetings have replaced valuable work in your org, say yes to the Simplify Meetings challenge. Teams who’d like to reclaim at least one hour of time every week need the Drive Daily Simplicity challenge. If collaboration happens rarely in your business, explore the Everyday Collaboration challenge, which provides a roadmap for highly productive teamwork.

Given that most people forget about 70% of what they’ve learned within 24 hours, it’s vital that learners constantly encounter opportunities to apply their new skills. To this end, each skill-challenge participant receives a daily email with an interactive challenge that can be completed in 10 minutes or less. Challenges include such activities as collaboration; real-world examples served in micro-doses; assessments and surveys; reflections; Q&As; and polling. L&D pros will appreciate the Manager Dashboard, which provides real-time insights like learner stats and user activity.

FutureThink’s 30-Day Skill Challenges are designed to do more than provide new skills to employees: they equip teams for achieving and exceeding business goals. From boosting productivity to improving innovation, FutureThink is committed to training experiences that translate into measurably better outcomes.

FutureThink is an accelerated learning company that’s been transforming how people work since 2003. We develop employee and leadership skills for simplifying, unleashing innovation, and transforming culture. Embracing a hybrid-learning approach, our keynotes, techniques, and skill-building sessions can be delivered live, in-person, virtual, or on-demand. For a free product demo or more info, please contact Karina Motelli via [email protected].

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