The University of Pittsburgh student receives $2,500 for the fall 2021 semester.

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 15, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The 2021 Tribeca Capital Group Scholarship has concluded, with Joshua Victor declared the winner for his insightful essay on whether litigation finance expands access to justice. His conclusion is that the practice doesn’t always mean justice for those who would otherwise miss out on equitable representation.

Victor’s essay highlights three main areas where he thinks lawsuit loans can be a hindrance: “because it causes bias among lawyers…, may lead to misjudged cases, and may lead to those who deserve justice not getting full justice.”

Joshua Victor is in a unique position to assess the effects of litigation finance. On the pre-law track at the University of Pittsburgh, he plans to achieve a bachelor’s degree in economics before pursuing a law degree for international justice. “Eventually, I want to be an international lawyer,” he said in an interview with a Tribeca representative. “Maybe work at an international court.”

Tribeca Capital Group designed the scholarship to raise awareness about the need for ethical, justice-driven lawsuit lending. The company offers pre-settlement funding to clients in need, using the best available simple interest rates, and never requires clients to pay back the loan if they lose their case. In this way, the company wants to encourage equal access to justice while avoiding the pitfalls Mr. Victor describes.

Joshua Victor’s winning essay garnered him the $2,500 prize toward his continued education. Tribeca Capital Group wishes him all the best in his quest to protect human rights, fight for civil justice, and bring equity to those in need across the globe.

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