Selling your car during the coronavirus pandemic can be a worrying and stressful affair, especially if you belong to the group of people considered vulnerable to the virus.Cashyourcaruae offers the safest way to sell your car.

DUBAI, UAE, August 16, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — UAE’s leading car buyer CashYourCarUAE is providing a way of selling used cars in a hassle-free and safest manner across the UAE. Being an expert in the market, CashYourCarUAE provides the best value for used cars and superfast deals, saving the seller’s huge time which he would rather spend searching for a buyer. If you are selling privately, you must expect potential buyers to come to inspect the car and take a test drive which is not a wise thing to do during this pandemic.Where as cashyourcaruae claims their staff is vaccinated and trained to take all precautionary measures to ensure safety of customer.

Dubai is the canter of luxury automobiles, but it is not a permanent home. It is a city of transition, where people from different cultures and backgrounds live. This makes Dubai a perfect place to sell used cars, as people living in transition do not always prefer to buy brand new cars.However, the high demand for used cars does not always make it easy for car owners to sell their vehicles at the right price. This is where comes to the rescue, offering car owners the best deals to sell used cars from the comfort of their homes.Selling used cars may be the hottest trend in the city, but getting into this field without any prior knowledge is certainly not the best way to do it. If car seller choose t sell his car he won’t have to pay for placing an ad, handle phone calls and emails from potential buyers, deal with loan approval delays, or rearrange your schedule to show interested buyers your car. With CashYourCarUAE, the seller makes more money selling his used car and saves time, as the company promises.

CashYourCar uses very robust technology and secure data feeds to value a car’s fair market valuation for reselling and saves their customers much valuable time from being wasted in long and tiring processes of car valuation. An on-site valuation follows the quantitative valuation before a car is sold.

The company doesn’t define itself as a used cars seller, it places itself as “high-volume automobile buyers”, which buys cars at such a huge level that it can provide its customers the maximum fair value on reselling of their used car very conveniently. When a company operates at a large scale, its average cost of operations comes down significantly, and that’s just the case with CashYourCarUAE, simple Economics.

“Our car valuations are fair and transparent, based on our expertise and knowledge of the used car business,” says the company officials.

The company specializes in buying cars, and it is the only business domain it works in since incorporation.

CashYourCarUAE established the Al Khaleej Auctions car buying service in 2008, and since then, it has become one of the UAE’s largest automobiles buyer in the public sector.

Selling used cars on CashYourCar is simpler than anyone can think of. One just has to book an appointment, get his valuations done following an on-site inspection and the next thing he knows is his car is sold! visit

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