International Accreditation Commission to grant WOSB Alicia Carroll to receive an International doctoral honorary degree

NEW DELHI, INDIA, April 04, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — International Accreditation Programs will award WOSB Alicia Carroll this spring in recognition of countries conferred to individuals and Alicia Carroll made extraordinary academic or achievements in the importance of national and at international levels. The International Accreditation Commission recognizes Entrepreneurship is the key to achieving SDGs. Organizations can also organize supplies and donations with the American Red Cross.

The honorary degree to Alicia Carroll is granted for a lifetime.

Her leadership includes the following milestones and achievements including:
• British Recognitions and Awards, Corporate Excellence
• Tech Innovation Global Incorporated® announces collaboration with COVID-19 Services 2020 with Independent Consultant Diana Phillips
• Tech Innovation Global Incorporated® Services, Science to Earth, and Wellness with RDN Treva Garcia and Physicians
• Tech Innovation Global Incorporated, Advisor and Analysis

Alicia Carroll, President and CEO of Tech Innovation Global Incorporated along with businesses of the British and African Chamber to bring forth training, empowering consumers and new initiatives to join industries.

WOSB Alicia Carroll will receive an honorary doctorate for leadership validated by analysis.

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Companies include translations, nutrition services, health, financial planners, translations, training to workforce development, and products for your companies and leadership training today at

Tech Innovation Global Incorporated®
Alicia Carroll, President and CEO
WOSB Program, PMBA, PM, Engineer/Scientist
Verified Vendor
600 Boulevard South Suite 104
Huntsville, AL 35802

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Registered in (Medical, Health, Wellness)

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