The Homeowners Consumer Center has discovered spray foam insulation used in new home construction may encapsulate water that might be leaking into a home via a roof issue or defective roof-window flashing-without the homeowner ever knowing.

WASHINGTON, DC, January 25, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Homeowners Consumer Center says, “We have just become aware of a very serious issue with spray foam home insulation that is especially popular with home builders, architects, and homeowners throughout the USA. Spray foam insulation has increasingly been popular with home builders since the 1980s. We have just discovered a significant problem in a newer custom home in the US Southeast that was built in 2016 that used spray foam insulation. What we discovered in this home was water that entered the house because of a roofing defect, and the water had become encapsulated between the spray foam insulation the home’s exterior wooden envelope and studs—-and the wooden envelop and studs had all rotted. We suspect there are thousands of additional homes like the one we just discovered nationwide-or more.

“If a home’s spray foam insulation holds water-or does not allow for water to penetrate it—-this might sound like a good thing—-but it is not. Based on what we discovered spray foam insulation might prevent a homeowner from ever knowing they have a roof leak or the failure of their roof or window flashing. The cost to repair damage caused by spray foam insulation-that held the water-and created ensuing damage to a home’s exterior wooden envelope and framing studs might be in the thousands of dollars or more—especially if the problem has been ongoing for a number of years. We are now advising home builders, architects, and homeowners to steer clear of spray foam insulation-for at least now.” https://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com

Recommended types of insulation to use in new home construction:

*Roll Out Fiberglass Insulation

*Cellulose-Blown in Insulation-Loose fill insulation

Note—–These types of insulation products will not encapsulate water-as such a homeowner will know they have a problem with their roof, and or roof-window flashing-if water begins to leak in.

The Homeowners Consumer Center believes home ownership is and should be the American Dream for all Americans. Sadly, for many there is no guide on how to make it happen, or how to prevent being taken advantage of. The goal of the Homeowner’s Consumer Center is protecting the American Dream of home ownership. In 2022 the Homeowners Consumer Center will endorse mortgage, insurance, home security, home warranty products that every homeowner needs, and they will call attention to serious issues most homeowners should be aware of. https://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com

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