The Chinese packaging machinery manufacturer – ELITER Packaging Machinery – expects to launch its Wrap-Around Sleever by September 2022, to offer packaging automation solutions for ready meals market.

WENZHOU, CHINA, June 02, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — ELITER Packaging Machinery, a family-owned business located in Wenzhou, China, in the packaging machinery and automation industry has been investing in the R+D+I of Wrap-Around Sleever since the beginning of the year with support from SIEMENS China, the company expects to launch official the Wrap-Around Sleever by September 2022.

Wrap-Around Sleever Model ESTRENA, is a machinery incorporated with the joint endeavor by ELITER Packaging Machinery in terms of mechanical design and engineering and programming by SIEMENS China.

The machine is developed on full SIEMENS platform, multi-servo-driven (10 axis) by V90 & SIMOTICS S, and can reach a maximum speed of up to 150 PPM. An adjustable structure negates the need for size-change parts so as to reduce time for changeover, configuration, and spare-parts inventory.

“The market volume of ready meals, frozen meals and prepared meals has been growing at a fast pace during the past several years, to some extent, due to the impact of pandemic but as well the shifting in Chinese people’s dietary habits.”, commented Zhiwei Bao, general manager of ELITER Packaging Machinery.

“We know that ready meals are popular in western countries, and cardboard sleeve is the most common form of packaging used for them, so as in China. However, corresponding packaging automation solutions did not keep abreast of the roofing market volume, leaving a blank market niche where no adequate packaging machinery can be adopted,” said Bao.

Wrap-Around Sleever is a specifically designed packaging machinery for the cardboard sleeve packaging. The machine can arrange and collate containers such as tubs, trays, pots, cups, etc., from upstream machinery or manually loaded, place flat sleeve blanks on them, slide the sleeve around the containers and seal the sleeves on the bottom with hot melt glue.

About ELITER Packaging Machinery
ELITER Packaging Machinery – a HUANENG Company, is a family business for three generations in the packaging machinery industry. The company designs and manufacturers Automatic Cartoning Machine and Automatic Overwrapping Machine and Wrap-Around Sleever.

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