Canadian businessman David Sidoo teams up with Oasis Kitchen donating to homeless people in the greater Vancouver area.

VANCOUVER, BC, December 03, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Canadian businessman David Sidoo, the husband to Manjy and father to Dylan and Jordan, teamed up with Oasis Kitchen to help many homeless people in the greater Vancouver area. David Sidoo is a driving force in getting hygiene products, blankets, and more donated to keep everyone safe to prepare them for colder weather. It’s a move that might not grab a ton of fanfare at first, but people quickly realize how a few essentials can go such a long way for the homeless.

Vancouver’s beauty in the summer turns pretty cold during the fall and winter months. It can be nearly impossible for any homeless person to survive without getting help in some capacity. Oasis Kitchen has helped out a lot, and David, Manjy, Dylan, and Jordan know that working with them has helped raise the profile of what he brings to the table. They know what makes the most impact, but getting additional contributors like him is the biggest challenge.

Hygiene products are always in demand, regardless of the weather, for homeless people. Staying clean and fresh not only provides better opportunities if they wish to start applying for jobs, but it also helps fight against any illnesses or diseases. Blankets are perhaps the most essential part David, Manjy, Dylan, and Jordan paid for as it adds much-needed warmth for those struggling to survive.

In other David Sidoo news, he’s worked with several charities to help provide better living conditions for the homeless worldwide. He’ll always have a specific focus on the part of the world he lives in and calls home, but that doesn’t mean he overlooks the need to help out in other areas.

He understands that there is still a lot of work needed to get everything going in the right direction. Oasis Kitchen is a great partner for him and the David Sidoo sons to work with, but more contributors will change how everything goes. For a big city like Vancouver, the homeless situation seems to worsen every year. The harsh winters are brutal for many to find the care they need to start turning their life around for the better. Additional support beyond the Sidoo family will be the best fix.

To learn more about all the different projects and community service David Sidoo, Manjy, Dylan, and Jordan stay involved, visit This is the most up-to-date information that shows what is most important to him. He’s been extremely passionate about staying involved in projects that make the most difference. Seeing what he works on in the Vancouver area can inspire others to figure out what they can help within their particular part of the world.

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