A New Partner to Business Makes its Debut

CHICAGO, IL, April 04, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — “Vision Visualized Through Verse” is the slogan of a new company called Corporate Quotes (www.corporatequotes.net). The corporate branding specialist creates customized Personal Mantras, Mission Statements and both Company and Product slogans for the business community.

“We’re looking to leverage our expertise in literary mental imagery for the benefit of our customers,” a spokesperson from the firm stated. “This is done on an individual basis through our Personal Mantras, and company wide through our Mission Statements and Slogans, each of which that comes in customized and non-customized versions.”

Its initial product, the Personalized Mantra, is somewhat akin to a mission statement for individuals. It is portrayed within a placard and displayed atop the desk of business executives. “Our Personal Mantras are created to inform the clients or prospects of executives about the person whom they will be interacting with,” he continued. “Its purpose is to capture the personality of the individual — whether serious, witty or humorous — to better assist them in their relationship building efforts,” he added. “As we transition back to more normal business activities, we believe this tool will become an essential ally to many professionals.”

Its creation of Mission Statements for businesses removes companies from having to take time to develop guiding and motivational precepts for their employees. “In many instances, corporations have an idea of what their mission statements should address, but due to their focus on growing their businesses, don’t have either the time or expertise to actually put it into words,” he continued. “We seek to remove this burden by creating dynamic mission statements which verbalizes the founding principles of each company. But in a compact narrative that their employees can understand and identify with.”

Finally, the company also creates slogans for businesses and their accompanying products. “With the intense level of competition that corporations face today, the importance of having a slogan that the public can immediately relate to is paramount,” he furthered. “Consumers decide within a few, brief moments of either hearing or reading a slogan if they are interested in the company or product that it represents. With visualized imagery, we make each of those moments count by producing a mental picture that immediately resonates within the public consciousness.”

The Chicago based company emphasizes the importance of the written word as a crucial element of a business’ success, and focuses on how it can be utilized as an effective means of increasing a company’s bottom line.

“In our current snapshot centered world, some companies can make the mistake of believing that the written word has lost its importance in the eyes of the public,” he continued. “Corporate Quotes was created to become a partner to businesses by enhancing their literary capabilities. While at the same time putting forth a description of the company and its products in a manner that resonates with both their employees and the public, to aid in increasing their profits.”

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