As the Owner and Denture Specialist, Gino is responsible for all of the patient procedures and custom fabrication of all of the dentures in the clinic.

EDMONTON, AB, October 29, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Delton Denture Clinic provides top quality, precision and customized complete, partial and implant retained dentures. They also provide denture relines, softliners and repairs for the denture wearers in the Edmonton and surrounding region. This year marks Delton Denture Clinic’s 3rd consecutive Consumer Choice Award win.

Q: How has winning affected your business?
A: We are so honored and humbled to know that we have been selected for the third consecutive year for this award. We appreciate the unbiased selection process so that those seeking out the services of a denturist know that they can put their confidence and trust in us to do the best job possible for them based on these independent polls and customer feedback!

Q: What are the “core values” of your organization?
A: We will never compromise in our quality, workmanship, honesty and integrity. These are the fundamentals of our practice.

Q: How do we keep up with the trends in the industry?
A: There are a lot of changes in our industry with new technology that utilizes digital scanners instead of traditional impressions and hand-made dentures. The result is that dentures are being either digitally milled or 3D printed. This is something I am closely monitoring and if and when the timing becomes right and I am confident that these tools can surpass the skills and precision of hand-made, then we will explore those options at that time.

Q: If I could change one thing about my business what would it be:
A: I would love to see dentures (and dental health for that matter) covered under Public Health Care programs. At the moment there are a few select government programs that help to subsidize the cost of dentures for some people but sadly they are so far out of date when it comes to the fees that they cover that it makes good quality denture care unaffordable and unattainable for many. Dental and Denture coverage is just not there for the majority of people. I feel strongly that good oral health has far reaching effects on a persons entire body and overall health and it is so strongly related to a person’s general health that I’d love to see it covered by Health Care one day – so it is accessible to everyone, including those who often need it the most.

Q: What makes my business unique?
A: I have gone overseas and abroad in my quest to make dentures more esthetically pleasing. Function is of course just as important as well, but I saw a real niche where the esthetics could be dramatically improved to make dentures look not only more natural but even to the point of giving someone their dream smile. It really is as unique as an artist’s artwork. I get great satisfaction in knowing that my patients lives are literally being changed because they can smile with confidence because their dentures are so natural looking while still remaining functional and with top quality materials and workmanship.

Q: What is my next priority for my business?
A: I am constantly furthering my education and training and far surpassing my profession required quota of hours each year that are required for continuing education. I take many courses each year to keep my skillset sharp and knowledgeable on the latest innovations, technologies and techniques to make sure that I am best serving my patients needs and providing them a level of service and product that we can both be proud of.

Q: What makes me/my company successful?
A: I believe it’s just our dedication and passion to provide the very best service, quality and product that we can to our patients. Dentures are a prosthetic and it is very important to be very thorough when choosing who will make your dentures for you! Not all dentures are created equal and it’s important to invest in a good quality set with the right professional. In general, Denturists specialize in the fabrication process of making dentures from start to finish and have superior skills and experience when it comes to making dentures.

Q: What is one characteristic that has helped me throughout my career?
A: Dedication! To every aspect from being meticulous in my work, providing top quality service and materials, and always striving for better. Patient satisfaction is what I thrive on.


Q: What gets me out of bed every day?
A: I get great satisfaction in seeing a persons entire demeanor and life change when they regain their confidence in their smile. It can transform a persons personality when they exude confidence and begin to smile more, eat better, laugh more, don’t shy away from social functions etc. Smiles can be so under-rated but in reality they are one of a persons most valuable assets! It gets me every time.

Q: What hobby would I get into if time and money were not an issue?
A: I’d like to do more travelling. That is a challenge right now because it can be difficult taking more than a week or so off from the business at a time, which really limits how far I can reasonably travel. I’m working on finding a bit more of a work/personal time balance.

Q: What is your favorite quote?
A: “Time is your most valuable asset, the second most valuable asset is Time!” This reminds me that once time is gone, we can never get it back. Choose what you spend it on wisely!

Q: Am I, or my company involved in the community?
A: Yes, both my wife and I are actively volunteering our time, on a weekly basis within our community, and have been for several decades now on various projects. Our goal is to spend even more time in this volunteer work in the future! This is one of the reasons why we feel that time is such a valuable resource.

Contact Information

Gino Borelli | Owner/Denture Specialist
(780) 476-7929
12816 82 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5E 2T2

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