In less than 30 minutes and with 3 simple steps, the company offers the best value for a used car in Dubai.

AL BARSHA, DUBAI, November 16, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Cash Your Car Uae, an online automotive platform and retail planning company, announced today a new efficient business model for preparing and completing online sales and purchases of used automobiles. Customers can sell a used car to the Company and complete the paperwork in less than 30 minutes and get cash for the car instantly.

As a result of the global pandemic, the auto industry in Dubai and other parts of the world has faced multiple challenges, including difficulty obtaining car parts and disruption in the supply chain, causing a decrease in the supply of new cars. On the upside, it’s become a seller’s market, with an increased demand for pre-owned vehicles. The current business environment enables sellers to command higher prices.

Souq Extra C.E.O. Amer Assad, an automotive industry professional with over ten years of experience, has witnessed the changes to the auto industry. He is devoting his expertise to changing Dubai’s automotive sector from traditional brick-and-mortar sales channels to the growing online auto marketplace.

“Given the tremendous impact COVID-19 has had on the auto industry, and the prediction that it might not fully recover until 2025, our company is devoting resources to developing our online automotive platform. We are creating the efficient processes needed to offer the highest prices and means of speedily completing transactions that will quickly place cash into our customer’s hands. The Cash Your Car team has worked with thousands of customers over the years and provided them with the customer service they have come to expect,” said Assad.

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