One thing that every business needs to recognize about the customer experience is that it’s the greatest form of marketing

PHOENIX, AZ, September 28, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Quality customer service is important for every business. CarGuard Trevor Smith believes the customer’s experience can make or break whether they will visit a business in the future. If a customer is treated well from the moment they choose to enter a business, the likelihood of them becoming a lifetime customer is much higher.

Even digital brands need to be on top of the customer experience. With so much competition out there, it’s too easy for potential customers to go elsewhere if they are not satisfied with what they are being offered. CarGuard Trevor Smith and his staff aim to provide every customer with an excellent experience from the moment so they don’t consider the competitors.

Every brand has an idea of what they would like to represent to the public. While CEOs and company owners may know exactly what this is, the customers have to learn through their experiences with the company. Any brand can put an adequate amount of work into marketing and its social media presence. However, it’s the customer service team that leaves a lasting impression.

A brand can try all the marketing tactics they want to lure in new customers, but the customer service representatives are who keep these customers coming back. Well over half of a brand’s loyal customers continue to spend money with a company because of the experience they are being provided.

CarGuard Trevor Smith is a firm believer in keeping his customer service representatives happy. If they feel good in their position, they are going to work extra hard to make sure the customer is well taken care of. This is one of the most important secrets to providing a quality customer experience.

When someone receives great customer service, they are more likely to refer others. Loyal customers are the marketing team that earns you money. There is no better marketing for a company than satisfied customers.

So this means that customer service teams need to focus on going above expectations and providing a great experience. Companies get this wrong by only assigning certain employees to be on top of providing customer service. Every single team member in the company needs to be on top of providing quality customer service.

Customers notice little details of every company they visit. If there are staff members who avoid customers because it’s not their department, this makes the company automatically look bad to the customer. Even if customer service isn’t a team member’s assigned job, they still need to be on top of providing it with a smile.

CarGuard Trevor Smith wants to help more customer service-orientated people find positions. He is an active supporter of PACE, which is an online organization dedicated to helping people in Arlington find opportunities.

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