Revolutionary Device Solves RVers’ Biggest Water Problem – Sediment; Extends Inline Filter Life, Fits Competitive Brands

MIRAMAR, FL, July 10, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — CLEAR2O®, a leading manufacturer of water filtration devices for RVs, announces that its new DirtGUARD™, the first-ever inline sediment prefilter will be available through Camping World.

The product is available online, as well as at most of Camping World’s retail/service locations in 36 states.

“We’re excited that our DirtGUARD is now available through Camping World, a company whose name is synonymous with RVing and the outdoors,” said Keith Bernard, CEO of CLEAR2O®. “We knew we had a revolutionary product when we developed DirtGUARD™. Being able to offer it to Camping World’s massive customer base means that RVers throughout the country will now have the opportunity to experience the cleanest water possible.”

With over 130 SuperCenters nationwide, a full-service call center and comprehensive website featuring thousands of quality products for RVs, camping, towing and outdoor living, Camping World is the premier one-stop-shop for everything RV.

According to Bernard, DirtGUARD™ is a device that’s been needed for quite some time, primarily because it solves one of the most common water filtration issues facing RVers – sediment.

Campground water is notorious for containing large amounts of sediment, not to mention silt, sand, rust and other particulates carrying chemical or microbial contaminants that can be harmful to public health. Inline RV filters work well on chemical contaminants like chlorine but do little to handle the large particulate materials and, in fact, can get seriously clogged and rendered ineffective very quickly. That’s why sediment, along with the aforementioned contaminants, are universally recognized as “filter killers.”

Intended specifically for high-sediment areas, the patent-pending DirtGUARD™ removes these filter killers by creating a 20-micron, physical barrier to block sand, silt, sediment, and particulates from entering the carbon filter. This allows the carbon filter to perform its intended function, which is focusing on the taste, color, and odor issues.

In doing so, it can significantly extend the life of the RV’s carbon filter by preventing the sand, silt, sediment, and rust from being trapped in the carbon filter or worse, pass through and cause buildup within the RV piping. It can also help the carbon filter maintain higher water flow rates throughout its life.

“By incorporating the DirtGUARD™ prefilter to the existing online carbon filter, the user is creating a very cost-effective, two-stage RV filter system,” Bernard explained. “DirtGUARD is also very versatile, since it is capable of working with multiple inline water filter brands.”

MSRP of the DirtGUARD™ Sediment Prefilter, which includes a filter, wrench and hose, is $39.99. It is available on the Camping World website or in selected Camping World stores. Replacement filters are also available through Camping World.

Founded in 2008 and based in Miramar, FL, CLEAR2O® manufactures and markets a variety of high-quality water filtration products. As a leader in this market, CLEAR2O® embraces its mantra of ‘Better Water by Design’, bringing the healthiest, best-tasting water to countless consumers, whether at home, on the road, or in their RV’s. The company’s extensive line of products includes filtered water pitchers, in-countertop filtration systems, whole-house filtration, garden and pet water filters, outdoor recreational products for on-the-go, and camping/RV filtration systems. One of its flagship products, the CLEAR2O® Advanced Water Filtration Pitcher – CWS100, has been consistently rated a “Best Buy” by Consumer Reports. For more information, please visit

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