Taveras earns the scholarship award after writing about her experiences as a mentor and mentee.

WASHINGTON, DC, October 14, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Law school is a tough ask for anyone, and may be even more challenging for a first-generation college student. Cristel Taveras of Fordham University knows this all too well. A native of Harlem, Taveras graduated from college and accepted a position at the American Civil Liberties Union. There, she encountered a woman who would become a friend and mentor in the legal sphere.

“As I embark on my law school journey, I see the added benefit of having someone in my corner, offering guidance and advice along the way,” she writes in her winning essay. “And I aspire wholeheartedly to become a mentor myself, giving back to current and future law students as I grow in my career.”

Even as she starts her first semester at law school, Cristel Taveras has already begun to embody the spirit of mentorship and encouragement. “For the past three years I have mentored one first generation student from high school through the first year of her undergraduate studies,” she writes.

During those three years, Taveras and her mentee bonded over standardized test frustrations, career planning, cultural differences experienced by first-generation students, and more. The experience has been mutually uplifting, with Taveras developing her leadership skills and learning more about how to help others through the college application process.

Mentorship, both giving and receiving, has many benefits, writes Taveras. “Mentorship not only helps law students stay grounded and excel throughout law school, but can also lead to incredible opportunities after graduation.”

Ben Crump Law is happy to announce Cristel Taveras as the winner of the $2,500 Law School Scholarship.

A “trial lawyer for justice,” Ben Crump is dedicated to helping clients seek compensation and justice. Ben Crump Law attorneys know just how difficult law school can be, and they know the importance of mentorship and mutual encouragement. The firm represents clients in civil rights cases, personal injury law matters, nationwide class action litigation, and much more.

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