It seems many insured’s are not aware that hiring a public adjuster is an option.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, November 11, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Public adjusters negotiate settlements on behalf of the homeowner and fight for the maximum settlement. A licensed public adjuster in your local town is your best defense against your insurance company and will ensure you have enough funds to repair your property but a public adjuster should be contacted immediately after property damage occurs so they can adequately evaluate and document the damage.

Public adjusters can be hired after an initial settlement offer, after a claim is rejected, or when there is a suspected claim. A public adjuster will inspect a claim free of charge and determine whether it is necessary to file a claim. A licensed public adjuster will educate the homeowner about their polices and help them make the most informed decision.

Public adjusters are licensed by each states’ department of insurance and are the only type of adjuster that can negotiate on behalf of the insured.

The three types of adjusters are listed below:

1) Independent Adjusters: Independent adjusters also work for the insurance company. If there is large accident such as a flood, insurance companies may be short regular staff. They would then need to hire adjusters who can work for them on a short term basis. Sometimes insurance companies downsize their companies and prefer to hire adjusters for short term assignments.

2) Staff Adjusters: These adjusters work for insurance companies and also work solely for the interests of their firm.

3) Public Adjusters: Public adjusters are hired by homeowners to get the maximum settlement for their claim.

Public adjusters are not paid hourly (beware of any public adjuster who charges by the hour), instead they are paid on a contingency fee basis. A small portion of the settlement will be awarded to the public adjuster once the claim is settled. Typically, public adjusters will work on for a fee in the range of 15%-30%. The larger the claim the smaller the fee.

Once a public adjuster is hired by an insured they will begin the claims filing process. Their responsibilities are to evaluate the damage to the structure, create a scope of loss, document the claim, value any affected contents, and present their findings to the insurance company. The public adjuster will present the claim and negotiate for the fairest settlement with your insurance company adjuster.

About American Claims Ensurance

American Claims Ensurance specializes in homeowners and business insurance claim representation. We work vigorously and for YOU to ensure you get the highest possible settlement from the insurance company. Best of all, when you hire the best public adjusters to represent you, you will not have to deal with the stress of working with your insurance company.

American Claims Ensurance offers our insurance claim representation services on a contingency fee basis to YOU. That means, that if we do not collect any funds for you, we do not get paid at all. We will handle the entire claim process from beginning to end and make sure you get the settlement YOU deserve.

We represent home and business owners and are retained as expert witnesses by various law firms in a variety of property loss claims, including:

Fire and Smoke Damage
Water Damage
Flood Damage
Catastrophic Damage
Theft and Vandalism Damage
Burst Pipes
Frozen Pipes
All Plumbing Leaks
Toilet Overflow
Snow and Ice Damage
Roof Leaks
Blown Off Shingles & Siding
Building Collapse

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