Alex Kleyner is one of those rare business leaders who have experienced success in two entirely different niches.

MIAMI, FL, October 30, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — As the founder-owner of Store 2 Door, the international online delivery service, Alex has provided consumers from many countries with the opportunity to avail American-made and/or branded goods and products at affordable prices.

From there on, the company further extended its operations and now acts as a local fresh market retail delivery service that promises to deliver orders at the customer’s doorstep within 30 minutes. The extent of Alex’s success can be gauged by the fact that Store2Door is already offering its local retail services in as many as 325 cities all across the US. What is more, Store2door has already opened its second base recently in Miami, Florida, mainly with a view to harnessing the growth opportunities the business possesses by extending its operations to countries in Latin and Central Americas.

Alex Kleyner Miami

Although most people will recognize Alex Kleyner as the founder of Store2Door, chances are that Alex will be better known to people living in South Florida as the co-owner of the ABK Capital, the Miami-based real estate debt investment firm that originates and secures loans for property developers, and owners and operators of residential and commercial real estate in South Florida.

The company that Alex co-founded back in 2014 with Brian Hernandez, a seasoned pro in the real estate lending scene, funds many different types of real estate projects including high-value mergers and acquisitions, refinancing, and repurposing projects, buyouts, and more. However, according to Alex, the company is primarily focused towards funding residential real estate development projects at various key locations in South Florida—projects that will play a crucial role in the growth of the communities living in and around these areas.

This also means that Alex Kleyner from ABK Capitol often works with small- to mid-sized developers and since it is often difficult to secure senior loans or even preferred equity for these companies, ABK Capital uses the method of capital stacking in order to ensure that the developers can get their hands on the money they need. Towards that purpose, the company makes use of several types of non-traditional and bridge loans such as mezzanine loans to see to it that even relatively smaller-scale projects are carried out as planned.

But how does Alex Kleyner manage to keep up with so many different activities all at once? Even more importantly, how does he keep himself motivated to push further after all the success that he has already tasted?

These very same questions were put to Alex in a recent interview. And Alex, who is often hailed as a visionary leader, admits that it is not always easy to keep one’s sanity in place especially in the highly competitive and fast-changing business environment of today. One has to keep abreast of all the new things that keep appearing since many of these can potentially benefit one’s business and can help it grow. At the same time, however, as Alex maintains, it is equally important to block out all the unnecessary noise. This is not easy but as Alex asserts, one has to stay keen and alert and find a way that works for him. Otherwise, one may start to feel overwhelmed before long and that is definitely not going to help!

As for keeping himself motivated, Alex reveals that he is someone who likes to approach things one at a time. So, for example, he says that he sees each new day as a new mission and that every day may throw up a new problem and as long as you can find a solution to it, you’ll feel fulfilled and satisfied at the end of the day. And this is the secret, he says, to keep his motivation up and his sanity intact.

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