Hadlow wrote about his grandmother’s struggles with lung cancer.

CHICAGO, IL, October 06, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Seth Hadlow’s grandmother made a promise to her father: she would not smoke a cigarette until she turned 21. On her 21st birthday, she tried a single cigarette, felt sick, and never touched cigarettes again. Still, her life was sadly cut short by lung cancer. Thus begins Hadlow’s winning essay for the Pintas & Mullins Breathing for Tomorrow Scholarship.

After her initial surgical interventions, Hadlow’s grandmother was placed on a fairly experimental drug known as Tarceva, which Hadlow credits as adding eight years to her life. Then, after those eight years, the cancer began to take away her memories, spreading to her brain.

“No one deserves to wither away like that,” writes Hadlow. “It seems especially unfair that a woman who spent her life caring for others as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, grandmother, and teacher would suffer such a fate.”

In her memory, Seth Hadlow has decided to do what he can to help others struggling with cancer diagnoses. His chosen field at the University of Missouri is journalism, which at first glance does not seem like a job that could help cancer patients. However, Hadlow has plans.

“Journalism had a big hand in getting [Tarceva] promoted,” Hadlow said in an interview with Pintas & Mullins representatives. Using his skills as a journalist to promote new treatments and educate the general public on various health options, he aims to provide other families with the extra years his grandmother was fortunate enough to experience.

“In the field, a journalist can be the connection between the patient and a remedy, and in that way, I can honor Granny’s memory,” Hadlow writes. Pintas & Mullins wishes him the best of luck and are glad to see the $2,500 scholarship award go to someone with such an important goal.

National personal injury law firm Pintas & Mullins has decades of experience serving clients across the nation. Interacting with thousands of clients who have been injured, including many who have been diagnosed with lung cancer, led the firm to develop its Breathing for Tomorrow Scholarship. Financial assistance for education is just one way the attorneys at Pintas & Mullins work to alleviate the pain and suffering of its clients.

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