Heartfelt storytelling paired with vibrant illustrations convey a valuable lesson for all children in R.C. Chizhov’s new picture book.

SARASOTA, FL, October 21, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Young Dennis moves to a new home and is frightened to sleep alone in his room. When Mommy tells him there is something strong and fearless in his room, always there to protect him, he wonders what it is. Author R.C. Chizhov expertly conveys the childhood dilemma of being scared at night and how to conquer that fear in her newly released picture book, The Lion in Your Heart.

Dennis is not used to sleeping in his new room. It’s scary and he feels alone. His mother tells him he’s just not used to it, but everything seems to frighten Dennis, keeping him up. A curtain swaying, a hooting owl, a shadow lurking by his window. Easing his fears, his mom tells him there is something special to protect him whenever he’s feeling scared: it’s a friendly and dependable lion.

Dennis looks under his bed, in his toy bin, in his closet, but he finds no lion. His mother tells him that it is in his heart.

“But I can’t see it.”
“True, but you can feel it. And you can wake the lion whenever you are scared.”

Dennis learns that there will always be times when we are frightened or nervous: at school or when we try something for the first time…or when we are orbiting to space! But the brave lion is inside all of our hearts, giving us the courage to conquer our fears.

Families will delight in this fun and gentle story that helps children recognize the strength in themselves. Through both familiar experiences and wild imaginations, The Lion in Your Heart will provide young readers with a dose of fun and a tool to overcome their fears. R.C. Chizhov’s picture book is available here and wherever books are sold.

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If you would like more information about author R.C. Chizhov and The Lion in Your Heart, please visit www.rcchizhov.com.

About R.C. Chizhov

Children’s book author R.C. Chizhov grew up in India, moved to New York in 2005, and spent sixteen years in the financial services industry, before pursuing her childhood dream of publishing a book: her new picture book release, The Lion in Your Heart.

R.C. thinks a good story is one that remains with the reader long after the book has closed and stays with them throughout their life. She hopes her young readers come away from her book understanding that everyone has fears, even adults, but that we are stronger than our fears and our hearts have enough courage to overcome them.

R.C. lives with her husband and son and when she isn’t writing heartwarming and poignant stories for children, she enjoys reading, traveling, dancing, solving jigsaw puzzles, and spending lots of time with family and friends.

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