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LOS ANGELES, CA, September 11, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Premium NFT Domain Names & Are Now on The Billion dollar NFT Market!

Bid today for a one-off chance for premium digital art NFT domains brokered by BNB Domains.

Premium domains have never been a more lucrative investment offer than now. With block chain pacing up the digital revolution and NFTs making digital goods more sellable, it’s time to invest in domains. For artists and creatives around the globe, NFTs offer the most revolutionary avenues ever.

BNB Domains realizes the NFT potential for digital art. That’s why it is brokering two ultra-premium domains tailored for art startups and digital art spaces. and are now open for bidding!

After all, Block chain and NFTs aren’t the future of the economy; they are the present, and they are here to stay. These technologies are changing the way assets are created and transferred. NFTs are taking the front stage in this revolution, and they are about to evolve beyond their current limits.

What’s more is that everyone, block chain experts and netizens alike, has realized the economic potential of digital goods. What could be a more original NFT than a premium domain name? Practically nothing!

Domains, in general, and premium domains, more specifically, are the most invaluable non-fungible tokens out there. They are specific to a brand, an online business, or a digital creator and thus have immeasurable value. What sells the most for the biggest labels? Most of the time, it’s not the product but the brand itself that people buy. Domain names are the brand names of the online world. If someone owns a premium domain name, they practically own an entire customer base!

In addition, the digital space is getting crowded by the minute. Competition is fiercer in the online marketplace than in an Olympics race. The best of the best, the most innovative, and the most persuasive of sellers have access to a global audience, and the algorithms used to choose the best are getting smarter.

Nft Art is selling for millions and Digital Art Industry is on fire. An NFT by the artist Beeple sold at Christie’s for over $60 million, making it the most expensive NFT ever sold at auction

Premium domain names let a business rise above everyone else in the game. More so, they crack SEO codes quite efficiently. These domains are short, easy to remember, and spell out the business’s niche in the name. That’s why they offer more mileage on search engines than regular domain names and are more SEO-friendly than wordplay on the landing page. Premium domain names are NFTs that pay in the long run, whether owned or sold lucratively to a higher bidder. Furthermore, digital art has sold well in recent years, and its customer base is bound to expand over the next decade.

As the world becomes more tech-savvy, the admirers of digital art forms, from photography and videography to typography and concept art, will increase every day. While digital art is itself a valuable NFT, online art spaces and startups with premium domain names will harness the most economic potential. These domain names don’t only help reach a wider audience but also help create an entire niche online.

BNB Domains understands that. And so, it is brokering two art-centric premium domain names to enable digital artists to leverage the power of NFTs. Champion the niche with or Make a six-figure USD offer today!

BNB Domains is a leading premium domain broker. It enables sales and acquisition of premium domain names through a transparent mechanism and at market-competitive prices. For any queries or to make an offer for one of the premium digital art domains, or, contact the BNB Domains team.

In similar news, BNB Domains is also brokering top tech domains like, and approximately 40 .io domains like,, etc. Once again, to make an offer, contact the BNB team today.

This company’s objective is to help startups, creators, and artists leverage the power of premium domains and NFTs to make their name in the art world. What others see as the future BNB Domains sees as the present! Domain names are the original NFTs, and digital artists should invest in them today!

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