Iconic business educator, author, speaker and coach, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, is collaborating with leading New York media company, The Stone Register, to inspire the business community with ‘Take Five,’ a series of five original, new Goldsmith works.

NEW YORK, NY, October 01, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — In this highly competitive world, large corporations are always looking to streamline performance and enhance the efficiency of their operations. Having worked in, and with, large organizations for much of his life, leading Executive Coach Marshall Goldsmith knows first-hand the challenges that this poses.

In his latest article, ‘The Best Advice I Ever Received’ (released today via project partner The Stone Register) Dr. Goldsmith explores a wide array of themes and topics on how real leaders can implement genuine change, while answering important questions like how do we become more efficient at adapting our behavior around colleagues?

When reading ‘The Best Advice I Ever Received’ it should become immediately clear that without Marshall Goldsmith’s unrivaled knowledge and life experience none of this would be possible. The article focuses on the aforementioned themes, but also drills down into deeper specifics, such as how to motivate employees to focus on the welfare of the company; how to instigate positive change; how to adapt behaviors to create stronger relationships with colleagues. While these lessons are primarily focused on the corporate world, Marshall also explores how they have helped him in his personal life too.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith has stated, “I’m really excited to get this article out into the world. Everyone has that defining moment in their life when they’re given a certain piece of advice that inspires them. I wanted to explore the most important bit of advice given to me, and take a look at how corporate leaders can learn and build upon it to transform their organizations and inspire their staff.”

There are millions and millions of Marshall Goldsmith fans throughout the world who wait eagerly for his words and wisdom in whatever form it might take—new book, TV appearance, keynote speech—because Marshall’s words change lives. This is not hyperbole, either. He has served as an influence and guiding light for people of all walks of life, so it is especially exciting for old and new fans alike to gain access to this treasure trove of previously unpublished material as part of the ‘Take Five’ series. If you’re late to the party, ‘Take Five’ is Marshall’s exciting, new collaboration with The Stone Register (“TSR”), New York’s preeminent specialty marketing and advertising firm.

S.W. Miliano, Managing Director and Co-Founder of TSR, says of his company’s collaboration with Goldsmith, “We wanted to bring the business community something truly meaningful during these uniquely challenging times. A lot of companies and individuals are in the process of getting back on their feet after 2020, but also fearful of what lies ahead. As far as [The Stone Register] was concerned, there could be no better time for a renewed focus and perspective, and who better to provide this than the amazing Marshall Goldsmith?”

Both Mr. Miliano and Dr. Goldsmith are widely considered experts in their respective fields, as well as in the business community overall. Both men have been featured independently in Forbes on multiple occasions, as well as throughout the mainstream news media. Needless to say, these guys know business. Having worked together for several years in an agency-advertiser capacity, the proverbial light bulb suddenly appeared over their heads, and the ‘Take Five’ collaboration was born. Earlier this summer, the Goldsmith-penned series debuted to great acclaim with flagship title, ‘When Do You Eat the Marshmallow?’ Now, the highly-anticipated second article has arrived and you can begin reading it right here:

The Best Advice I Ever Received
by Marshall Goldsmith

Like many young Ph.D. students, while I studied at UCLA, I was deeply impressed with my own intelligence, wisdom and profound insights into the human condition. I consistently amazed myself with my ability to judge others and see what they were doing wrong.

Dr. Fred Case was both my dissertation adviser and boss. My dissertation was connected with a consulting project with that involved the city government of Los Angeles. At the time, Case was not only a professor at UCLA, but also head of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission. At this point in my career, he was clearly the most important person in my professional life. He had done amazing work to help the city become a better place, and also was doing a lot to help me.

Although he was generally upbeat, one day Case seemed annoyed. “Marshall, what is the problem with you?” he growled. “I’m getting feedback from some people at City Hall that you are coming across as negative, angry and judgmental. What’s going on?”

“You can’t believe how inefficient the city government is,” I ranted. I then gave several examples of how taxpayers’ money was not being used in the way I thought it should. I was convinced that the city could be a much better place if the leaders would just listen to me.

“What a stunning breakthrough,” Case sarcastically remarked. “You, Marshall Goldsmith, have discovered that our city government is inefficient. I hate to tell you this, Marshall, but my barber down on the corner figured this out several years ago. What else is bothering you?” Continue Reading Here

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