Discover the blessings of faith in the American War of Independence!

MAGNOLIA, TX, July 14, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — For author Dathan Belanger, writing historical fiction novels is a way to help echo the mistakes and triumphs of those who have come before us. As a Christian actively involved in children’s ministry, tying his writing to his faith is important to him as a writer.

Dathan’s first book, “The Faith of a Centurion” places the reader in the middle of the Bible story as told by Matthew and Luke in their Gospels. In his second book, “Clean Forgotten Patriots”, the reader will step into the turning point for the American War of Independence. Dathan tells the story of how victory was won through the trials that took place at Valley Forge, the forgotten heroes, and the groundswell of faith.

Our nation’s true history is rich and decorated, humbling and tragic; but it teaches us to hold on to virtues that are not often found on today’s street corners, in today’s protests, or even inside government hallways. Introducing readers to the often forgotten historical figures of the American War of Independence helps give a new perspective and appreciation for those who supported and fought for freedom.

An engaging book that has already received glowing reviews from readers across the US, author Dathan Belanger inspires hope. “Clean Forgotten Patriots” is written for everyone looking to find renewed faith and learn more about the battles behind the scenes.


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