Katherine Batsis promotes her first book with a special interview podcast released today, exclusively on her official website. She is a pioneer of the new literary genre she created; the biographical marriage memoir.

GREENFIELD, MA, December 12, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — “Andy didn’t look like Santa Claus until his hair color turned white and he sported a white beard and mustache,” writes Andy’s widow, Kathi. “His bright blue eyes would twinkle from time to time. His smile was contagious.”

Katherine Batsis, author, biographer, and the beloved wife of the late Dr. Andrew Batsis, is pleased to announce the accompanying podcast for her first book, Dr. Andrew Batsis, Husband! Dentist! Kiwanian! Santa Claus? This release was lovingly labored over by Dr. Batsis’ widow, Kathi, and is a poignant and entertaining account of their life together. The author also focuses on her late husband’s vast success as a dentist, as well as an influential pillar of his community. The book serves as a marriage memoir, a biography, a family epic, and a veritable compendium of not just one man’s life’s work, but that of an entire family.

While it is not unusual for a loving wife to honor her husband’s memory, Katherine Batsis goes the extra mile. She has utilized the written word in hopes of capturing his essence, as well as reaching a wide audience. Taking the traditional literature form of biography to ecstatic and uncharted new heights, Kathi’s book also reads as a stirring, impressionist reverie of their marriage to one another.

“I consider this to be a ‘sweetheart piece’,” explains the author. “I put so much of myself into this work, as well as my marriage to Andy, so I hope the book will provide wisdom, entertainment, and comfort to all those who pick it up.”

You may be wondering about the new term being thrown around a lot; biographical marriage memoir. This is a new descriptor and literary genre label currently in existence for only one book; this one! The author and her creative associates feel it is the only accurate way to describe what’s contained in these pages. Excitement surrounding this book is now at a fever pitch, arguably one of the most anticipated non-fiction literature works of recent years.

In an exclusive, new podcast author Katherine Batsis answers questions about her life and work. In the program, she does not shy away from sharing her process, her setbacks, her goals, and more.

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