Mexico City’s Entrepreneurial Powerhouse

What city could represent the ultimate symbol for startups? Is it the city with the largest amount of developers? I think there is really no particular city that could represent startups because every country and every city hav their own unique talent and ideas. However, you may count how many people founded a start-up to measure how great people are in getting their ideas into great businesses. Talking about creativity, there is no single city that could represent world creativity, but we could consider Mexico city at the top of the list.

It is not that Mexico city has the #1 startup atmosphere, but it is growing and also the way it is growing is just amazing. Some people may call Mexico City an entpreneurial city where people from inside and outside of Mexico start businesses from zero. This is happening in a wide range of industries. From software development all the way to human source management. You might have a bad connotation of Mexico City because of the crime rate or other media myths, but the start-up scene there has had glorious achievements.

In Mexico City now, it seems everybody is brightened up, and people just seem to work passionately. However, that is not the topic I am really writing about, but about Mexico’s entrepreneurial scene that recently has been growing so exponentially. This is because partly because young people are very active and creative, but also because of the existence of great leaders in this industry such as Pepe Kamel, CEO of Metric Impact.

There have been many start-ups that worked alongside Metric Impact and appreciate how great of a deal it is, now that their start-ups are growing bigger than ever. Metric Impact has helped more than 20 start-ups in growing their business through its Incubator. Supporting them in software development, digital strategy and the modeling of a good business plan. Building your start-up is not easy, but keeping it alive and succeeding is harder. That is the purpose of Metric Impact. It’s incubator program is designed to guide you though the whole  process of launch and growth of your start-up, and as partner they will forever continue offering their advise to the top level of your start-up.

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